We use so many, those of us with babies anyway. With my first baby I used cloth diapers for about the first year and alternated with seventh generation diapers. I could write pages about how I loved my cloth dipes and why I don’t use them now, but this article isn’t about cloth diapers, so let me get to the point of writing about Seventh Generation.

So four years ago I had my first baby and chose Seventh Generation as my disposable diapers. The first few weeks I used Pampers swaddlers because they are oh so soft for the teeny tiny stage, and I think the Seventh Generation dipes were too big for my skinny baby. I chose Seventh Generation for several reasons. 1) They are chlorine free. Chlorine is a harsh and toxic chemical that makes diapers white. Well who needs white diapers? They are only going to get dirty again. Also, chlorine produces dioxins which are linked to many serious diseases, first and foremost, cancer. I figured I don’t need to add more dioxins to this world, our water and our environment, and I certainly don’t need these chemicals near my baby’s skin. 2) They are fragrance free. Some people might like the fragrance that are in most diapers, but I can’t stand it. Artificial fragrance in products can contain pthalates, another harmful chemical. Not only is the fragrance just another potentially harmful chemical, I think they make the diaper smell worse. When a child pees in a regular diaper versus a seventh generation diaper, I can smell the regular diaper from across the room. I truly can’t stand the artificial scent of diapers whether they are clean or dirty ones. 3) They are latex free.
These are not the greenest diapers on the planet, however they are accessible and affordable. I will be trying other “green” diapers in the future and blogging about them soon.
So do they work? I love my seventh generation diapers. I love that they don’t stink and that they are fragrance and chlorine free. I also think they work very well. I barely have a poop blowout and they do occasionally leak, but that is usually because of my negligence in forgetting to change the diaper. I don’t think I have any more problems than I would have with any other diaper. Also, my babies rarely, if ever get diaper rash, however I don’t know if the diaper has anything to do with it. Of course there are improvements that could probably be made. The tape is kind of bulky and the diapers themselves run a bit small. All in all though, I do really like them.
People who see my diapers assume I go to great lengths or costs to get them. You can now get Seventh Generation diapers at Babies R Us, but I prefer to get them at Amazon.com. I use their subscribe and save program, which I find very user friendly, convenient, and cost effective. I priced out Pampers Cruisers versus Seventh Generation on Amazon.com. I priced according to size 3, since that is what I am using right now. Pampers are not eligible for subscribe and save. A box of 160 diapers is $41.99 or $0.26 per diaper. A box of 140 Seventh Generation diapers via subscribe and save is $39.94 or $.29 a diaper. So I pay 3 cents more than a leading brand. Additionally, I can change or cancel or postpone my subscribe and save order at any time, and Amazon sends me an email before they send anything out to me. Like I said, I find it very user friendly.

So, where to next? Huggies just came out with a natural diaper. I ordered a free sample on their website. I will let you know what I think after I get them. There is also a new very “green” diaper out there by Nature Baby Care. I plan on trying them soon as well.